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Autumn detox

20 Oct 2011 Autumn detox

autumn leaves

Trees bare their branches. Autumn sun shines onto a carpet of colourful leaves. Nature slows down, but you need to keep going. How do you keep your energy levels up? How are you getting your body ready for winter? Now is a good time to detox.

Why detox in autumn? Toxins build up over time (amplified perhaps by excesses during the summer holidays) and put more load on the liver and kidneys. Your lymphatic system, which helps your body fight infection, can become sluggish, leaving you more susceptible to winter illness.

For your body to detoxify, it is important to reduce the amount of toxins you put into it, while at the same time support its natural detox mechanisms. An essential element of natural detoxing is to get things moving. Here are a few tips:

  • Drink water. Hydration is necessary for almost all our bodily functions. Water will help flush out toxins.
  • Choose the ‘right kind’ of food. You need to eat anyway! Fancy supplements and detox formulas can hardly compare to the cleansing powers of natural food just the way nature provides. Read up on antioxidants (or consult with a nutritionist). They can shield your body from incoming toxins and help regenerate from toxic damage.
  • If you like a cuppa, switch to organic detox tea for a bit. Try those offered by Pukka or Yogi (always read the instructions and check with your doctor or nutritionist if you suffer from any condition).
  • Exercise. Regular movement helps stir up toxins in the body and eliminate them through the combination of increased circulation of blood and lymph fluid, deep breathing and sweating. Find a form of exercise you truly enjoy. It could be as simple as regular outdoor walks or dancing. During detox you’re not looking to burn calories, so adapt all exercise to your energy level. Go swimming or join a Qigong, Tai Chi or Yoga class. Click here for a series of yoga poses to accompany your detox.
  • Breathe. It will relax your mind (stress can also cause toxic build-up!) and help your body function.
  • Practice dry skin brushing. Your skin is your largest elimination organ. Click here to read about how to do it.

This list is by far not exhaustive. And here’s how Akana can help with your detox:

  • Have manual lymph drainage (MLD) for detox, to give your system a kick start to the cold season and help your body absorb nutrients and eliminate waste products and excess fluid. Naturopath David Goddard described MLD as ‘a powerful, deep cleansing treatment’.

Stay healthy and feel great!

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