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How often should I have massage?

23 Jan 2012 How often should I have massage?

It depends… The video below says just what I would say. Take into consideration the 10 Reasons to have Massage. What do you need support with? Ask yourself a few questions, for example…

  • How tense do you feel?
  • Are you in a stressful job? And/or overwhelmed at home? Is there a weight on your shoulders you need support with?
  • Is there a particular issue that needs attention?

Talk to your therapist and develop your ideal treatment plan together.

For maintenance, aim to have one treatment per month, if you can. It will be a good investment. Prevention is better (and actually costs less) than cure. Can you afford not to take care of yourself? Not long ago, I came across a very appropriate quote by Audre Lorde:

Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation.

For me it was a backache. It came to my rescue, so to speak. My yoga teacher suggested that I had massage. I went and bought a package of three to start with. I saw the benefits. So I carried on with my treatments after the backache had gone. I went back monthly. Having regular treatment would relax me, give me a boost, prevent all those back problems from extended sitting. I was much more body-aware, watched the way I sat at my desk, took breaks, drank more water. I was in a high-powered job, but things weren’t getting to me the way they did before (in fact, I was even studying for a degree alongside more-than-full-time work!). I was, well, much more balanced. I could stand in traffic on the M4 and think, ‘it’s OK’. Rather than bursting with stress – which never really makes a difference to traffic anyway…

Click here to read an article about the benefits of healing touch. And by all means, don’t feel guilty because massage happens to feel good too – it doesn’t have ‘taste like medicine’ to be therapeutic! Besides, the feel-good factor is part of the therapy.

Talk to your therapist about what you can do between sessions, and read our Akana articles, in particular the one with tips for Between Treatments. You might also want to check out the products we recommend on our Aftercare page.


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