Akana Holistic Therapies | 5 reasons you need bodywork this spring
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5 reasons you need bodywork this spring

28 Mar 2013 5 reasons you need bodywork this spring

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Spring, with longer days and trees in bloom, should be the celebration of looking forward to summer. Ironically for many of us spring simply isn’t the easiest time. Perhaps because it’s a transitional period, and in particular one that comes straight after winter. Some suggestions, in case you recognise yourself in any of the scenarios below:

  1. Have you been finding it hard to shake off that cold, does your immune system need a boost? Had enough of the grey weather and feel like winter has gone on forever? Overwhelmed? Run down, just want to hibernate? In need of an energy boost? Check out these simple ‘detox’ tips. Talk to us about a course of Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) treatments.
  2. Do you suffer with tension headaches? Aches and pains? PMT? Period cramps? Give Thai Foot Massage a go. It’s also called Thai Reflexology and accordingly works on a bunch of helpful points. We think you’ll also love Thai Herb Compress Massage.
  3. Are your muscles and joints stiff? Do you feel extra tense, your posture rigid, your breathing shallow, exacerbated jaw clenching and emotional stress? Have Classic Massage, full body even, or a Natural ‘Face Lift’ that will tackle neck, shoulders and scalp, before relaxing the tension your emotions leave in your face…
  4. Do you feel irritable, frustrated and have a shorter fuse than usual? Stressed up to the point it affects your digestion? Do things that make you happy. Dance – force yourself to if need be… Have any treatment you feel tempted by, so long as you enjoy it. Spoil yourself. If that makes you feel guilty, forget about the guilt. See it as therapy rather than luxury. Sneak in a bit of Thai Foot Massage for a dose of grounding and balancing.
  5. Are you dreading allergy season? Try to find some locally produced honey. Before the allergy season starts, have a course of MLD to set up your lymphatic system for optimum functioning, consider having Acupuncture and check out Jala neti.

Whatever is going on for you, you don’t have to carry the ‘burden’ alone. Complementary therapies are here to support you feel good, be healthy and more productive.

Have a happy Spring!

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