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A healthy truffle – is that possible?

10 May 2013 A healthy truffle – is that possible?

Melissa Sharp

by Melissa Sharp

Indulging in healthy food is never far from my mind… even on holiday. So on a recent trip to Stockholm, whilst scouring the capital for a nice green juice, sugar free cake or raw salad, I stumbled across a café/ juice bar/ health food shop called Blueberry. It was like a sweet shop, for me. Not only did they have all the usual packs of superfoods and superberries but they also had a juice bar with homemade sugar free healthy snacks… and yes they did sell dried blueberries!

I came away with a green juice, a healthy truffle and their own cookbook… I was delighted and didn’t care that the cookbook was in Swedish, in a funny way it actually made it a bit more exciting.

In the back of the book I found some recipes for different variations of their healthy truffles. I’m not sure they call them truffles, but I like to because they taste good enough, so on my return I got translating.

As ever, I played around with the recipe (a simple task when all it comes down to is chocolate, nuts and seeds – there isn’t too much that can go wrong) and added some Boku protein powder that I had lurking in the back of my cupboard. You could use any type of protein powder but what I love about Boku is its rich and creamy flavour which derives from the small amount of added organic Vermont maple syrup. It’s also packed with other nutrients such as sprouted brown rice protein, cranberry protein and dulse!

What’s good about adding protein to these already healthy truffles, is that it will help curb your appetite, raise your metabolism and increase your energy levels while all the other ingredients will generally add to your overall health. A delicious, sweet treat but a really healthy one!

So here’s the recipe:
truffles2 cups of cashew nuts
100g dates or figs – I used dates
4 tbls vanilla protein powder
50g dark chocolate – I used Ombar Dark Raw Chocolate which only uses coconut sugar
1 tbls honey
1 tbls flaxseeds

For topping:
Raw cacao powder
Dessicated coconut

Soak the fruit for 10mins. Add the fruit and all of the other ingredients into a food processor and blitz into a dough. Put the dough into the fridge for an hour. Roll equal size amounts in your hands to form a ball. Roll half of the balls into the cocoa and the other half in the desiccated coconut.

These would make a great present for someone and a real change from the usual flowers or bottle of wine. They would look lovely presented in a box wrapped in coloured tissue paper!

Melissa is Marketing and Creative Director at Evolution Organics, a one-stop shop providing an authentic source of high-quality organic health food supplements for people who care about their health. She came into nutrition following a serious illness and quickly realised she wanted a career in it, currently acquiring a nutrition qualification in order to offer direct advice. Melissa loves to reconstruct recipes for optimum health and taste and puts them to test via occasional pop-up evenings plus she has guest-chefed at Worton Organic Farm.

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