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Raw food diet made easy

20 May 2013 Raw food diet made easy

salad 130x130

I like good food. I like raw food. And I know there’s more to raw food than just salads. Only the other day I thought, I’d like to try more of it, so where to start? Along came MY Food… And here I am, reviewing their raw food diet plan – made easy.

The full review will appear in Funky Raw magazine. For those who can’t wait, I promised to post a few impressions here as I go along.

FRIDAY: hamper’s here

As announced, within the one-hour slot, a neatly packed hamper! Tough to stack it all up in the fridge without tucking in…

Smoothie, granola, muesli, soups, curries, salads, crackers, seeds, energy balls, almond milk and a nice assortment of herbal teabags. And, of course, a little overview on how to store, what to eat, when and how. It says: don’t eat all energy balls once…

my food box      what's inside

DAY 1 – SATURDAY: delicious on-the-go

  • Breakfast: Love the Feeling berry smoothie with almond milk. Green but fruity.
  • Snack: Seeds of Love from Detox Your World, Peppermint tea.
  • Lunch: Oriental Salad with Thai Dressing lunch, then an energy ball (mmm!) and Fennel tea. All this came with me to Acupuncture college – for once I didn’t agonise over what to pack! I was quite hungry by the time I got home, couldn’t wait to have:
  • Supper: Coconut Curry with Lime Infused Vegetables – slightly warmed to just above hand temperature. My first raw curry – it works! I polished the plate.

Feeling great. Look forward to tomorrow.

Oriental Salad with Thai Dressing Coconut Curry




DAY 2 – SUNDAY: savouring

  • Raw Fruit & Seed MuesliBreakfast: Raw Fruit & Seed Muesli soaked with almond milk. I rarely have cereal for breakfast, the portion seemed huge – but it gave me plenty of energy for hours. A cup of Dr Stewart Gingko Plus tea straight after breakfast, no mid-morning snack – just as well as I greedily ate today’s portion of Seeds of Love yesterday… ooops.
  • Lunch: Sundried Vegetable Bolognaise with Basil Infused Vegetables. The flavours!!! Are my taste buds more receptive? Then an energy ball with a cup of Echinacea tea.
  • Supper: Moroccan Carrot Salad with Avocado Salsa. Today I switched lunch and dinner because I prefer the ‘warm’ meal at lunch time.

An active day, with work, travel and dog training. What a relief not having to think about what to cook, or not having anything to eat when I arrive home hungry…

'Seeds of Love' and tea Sundried Vegetable BolognaiseMoroccan Carrot Salad with Avocado Salsa




Click on the image below if you’d like to order your own 6-day Hardcore Raw programme – offer valid until 12 May 2013 Sunday night, for delivery on Tuesday morning:

10 Day Hardcore Raw

DAY 3 – MONDAY: a cracking cracker

  • Raw Fruity GranolaBreakfast: Raw Fruity Granola – tasty dried fruit in here! Wild Fennel tea – I’ve shuffled snacks around today.
  • Lunch: Mango and Tomato Gazpacho with Raw Cracker – really liking this cracker, a serious contender to the: Energy Ball. Yes, I brought my mid-afternoon snack forward.
  • Snack: an apple. This was supposed to be my morning snack.
  • Supper: Thai Coconut Soup. Huge portion but so good (and lovely spicy) I could have had even more. Echinacea tea

Quite a liquid day… I enjoyed it, although hope I won’t get hungry before bed time. Love the surprise of not really knowing what my next meal will be till I go to check on the planner which I’ve blu-tacked to the kitchen wall. These crackers are serious contenders for those energy balls I’ve been resisting for days.

Mango and Tomato Gazpacho Thai Coconut Soup




DAY 4 – TUESDAY: a little chilli

  • Breakfast: Raw Fruity Granola – photo as above. Funnily enough, today I was less active but didn’t find it as filling as on Sunday. I’d look for other options for breakfast – might be that I’m just not a cereal person in the long run.
  • Snack: kiwi fruit and Gingko Plus tea.
  • Lunch: Mushroom Soup with Raw Cracker – still liking the cracker! The soup was huge, just as well, as I probably needed some zinc – why is it suddenly so chilly outside…
  • Snack: Seeds of Love and Peppermint tea.
  • Supper: Vegetable Chilli. I liked the taste of this, with a little spicy edge, would have liked another helping!

It was cold outside today, pretty grim and grey, and when I wasn’t out with the dog I had to sit inside and study for hours – a combination that always makes me hungry. And I was hungrier than on other days. I had an additional snack of two Brazil nuts at some point.

Mushroom Soup with Raw CrackerVegetable Chilli




The next hamper has arrived – full of surprises, I’m sure. Watch this space if you want to know what’s in store.

DAY 5 – WEDNESDAY: smoothie smooth

  • Breakfast: ‘Love the Feeling’ Smoothie with almond milk. Mmmm, someone must have heard me moan about cereal breakfasts – the smoothie suited me much better. It was very tasty, almost too tasty for its looks, see below.
  • Snack: Seeds of Love and Wild Fennel tea. Had this just after breakfast before I went out.
  • Lunch: Cauliflower & Sushi Nori Rice with Mango & Sunflower Seed Salad and Tahini Dip – that was a mouthful to spell out! And a good portion of an amazing salad, oh, I’d have that again. Look at the picture! Just watch the spring onions in case you see a client after… Energy ballI brought my afternoon snack forward and had  my Energy Ball for dessert. Here’s a photo of those famous energy balls, completely out of focus, as it was coming closer and closer to be eaten!
  • Supper: Vegetable Satay. Like all meals with that instruction, I warmed it to just above finger temperature – it does actually feel like a ‘warm meal’. Some real Satay flavours here – love these ‘real meals’, rather than lettuce salads. Gingko Plus tea which would have been part of my afternoon snack.

Could get used to this! Imagine opening the fridge when you’re hungry and your meal is there, ready for you…

'Love the Feeling' Smoothie Cauliflower & Sushi Nori Rice with Mango & Sunflower Seed Salad and Tahini DipVegetable Satay




DAY 6 – THURSDAY: disagreement with carrot

  • Breakfast: Raw Fruity Granola with almond milk. I enjoyed that, maybe I am turning into a cereal person? A banana (my mid-morning snack). Peppermint tea.
  • Lunch: Creamy Carrot and Ginger Soup with Raw Cracker. I think raw carrot soup is not my thing. Although I like carrot and ginger juice. I enjoyed the experience but probably won’t have this meal again. Personal taste, I guess.
  • Snack: Energy Ball and Gingko Plus tea.
  • Supper: Vegetable and Herb Risotto with Marinated Mushrooms. I warmed this slightly as per meal plan, which made it into a nice warm(ish) meal. I notice a tendency of wanting to eat supper earlier than usual. Not sure if that’s because lunch doens’t last as long or because it feels better to not eat so early.

Received a text message about my last box arriving tomorrow and felt a little nostalgic about finishing this soon. I’m certainly learning a lot about food and about myself. How do I go back to my usual diet? Will I make any changes?

Creamy Carrot and Ginger Soup with Raw Cracker Vegetable and Herb Risotto with Marinated Mushrooms




DAY 7 – FRIDAY: green energy

  • Breakfast: Raw Fruit & Seed Muesli with almond milk. Peppermint tea. Again I brought my snack forward.
  • Lunch: Green Energy Soup with Raw Cracker – really filling, would you have thought it.
  • Supper: Spinach and Sweet Potato Curry. I loved the taste of this, the only thing I’d have wished for is for it to be chunkier, so eating it would involve more chewing.

Green Energy Soup with Raw Cracker Spinach and Sweet Potato Curry




DAY 8 – SATURDAY: on-the-go

  • Breakfast: ‘Love the Feeling’ Smoothie. Love this smoothie. Taking my apple snack with me while I’m travelling and working – good to have something to crunch on!
  • Lunch: Avocado and Sprouted Seed Salad with Pesto Dressing – this worked well as lunch ‘on the go’.
  • Snack: Energy Ball, Echinacea tea.
  • Supper: Marinated Vegetables with Cheese Dip. Polished the plate anyway, but this one wasn’t my favourite meal.

Love the Feeling SmoothieAvocado and Sprouted Seed Salad with Pesto DressingMarinated Vegetables with Cheese Dip




DAY 9 – SUNDAY: sunny

  • Breakfast: Raw Fruity Granola with almond milk. If I’m to have cereal for breakfast I prefer the granola. Happy. And sunny outside. Had my Peppermint Tea now, before I went for a walk at the lake for the rest of the morning.
  • Lunch: Waldorf Salad with Tahini Dressing – lots of it, nice and crunchy, with a tasty dressing to top up the flavours.
  • Snack: Energy Ball, Gingko Plus tea.
  • Supper: Lasagne with Cheese Layers. This was wonderful. I don’t usually like lasagne because I’m not a big pasta eater – but obviously there was no pasta, it was a courgette layer. And the basil and olives inside, mmmm! One of my favourites.

Tomorrow is the last day. I’m a little sad to stop the chain of surprise meals.

Waldorf Salad with Tahini DressingLasagne with Cheese Layers




DAY 10 – MONDAY: last day

  • NectarineBreakfast: Raw Fruit & Seed Muesli with almond milk. Wild Fennel tea.
  • Snack: Nectarine.
  • Lunch: Mediterranean Vegetable Soup with Raw Cracker.
  • Snack: Peppermint tea.
  • Supper: Spinach and Sweet Potato Curry. Same as Friday, since that portion replaced a broken bag. Otherwise
    Mediterranean Vegetable Soupno meal would have repeated over the 10 days.

So what about tomorrow?



Funky-Raw-Issue-28-Summer-13Note: click on the image on the left to get your copy of Funky Raw Magazine 28 – Summer 2013, you will find not only my review but plenty of interesting information, including delicious raw food recipes. Click here to read the review.


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