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Feet reading

17 Oct 2013 Feet reading

Anne Scardarella

by Anne Scardarella

From verrucas to varnish, corns to callouses, everything on your feet says something about you and your personal history. You may only think about your feet when the summer comes around or when shoes rub up blisters, but feet offer insights into your true feelings and character. Yes, your feet speak.

I am a feet reader. I look at feet to tell you all about your personality and emotions. By studying the colour, lines, imperfections and perfections of each foot, I can reveal so much about your character, how you’ve lived and are living, your life.

Feet reading can be traced back to China and India. The Chinese meridian system plots energy pathways through the feet. In India, Marma points on the feet have links with personality too. There are many cultural references to feet – the Grecians believed that a long second toe indicated good breeding, in the Vedas feet are ‘organs of actions’ and some nomadic tribes match footprints in the sand to their owners.

Feet reading is fun, we all love to hear about ourselves, but it can also be used as a very effective self-development tool, to recognise and address emotional issues so that you can step forward with confidence.

Just think about it. Feet carry us through our entire life and we pay little heed to them. We express our feelings through them without even realising – when we are cross we stamp, depressed we drag them, and when we are happy we have light, airy steps. And no, it’s not just your shoes! Besides, if you are wearing painful shoes, that immediately tells me something about your character.

Let’s look at bunions. The angle the big toe leans over towards the other toes means that you are doing too much for others and not enough for yourself. The greater the angle the more you are doing – perhaps it’s time to learn to say no occasionally.

Hard skin represents protection, commonly seen under the second toe on the ball of the foot, meaning keeping in emotions and feelings, not expressing how or what you are truly feeling.

Even the size of your feet speaks volumes about personality. Katie Price has size 9 feet, which, in relation to her height, is out of proportion. Such large feet on a short frame says ‘ta dah, here I am, look at me, grabbing the limelight, demanding attention’. Sound familiar?

For more information go to feetreading.co.uk or contact  anne@feetreading.co.uk. Anne has been featured in national and local press and has read feet live on local radio. She also practices reflexology, which deals with a physical imbalance, whilst feet reading helps her understand the emotion that caused the imbalance in the first place. Anne offers individual readings and feet reading parties.

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