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Tips for choosing safer cosmetics

04 Jan 2016 Tips for choosing safer cosmetics


By Suzanne Loudwill, Co-founder The Green Woman

An average woman can be exposed to over 150 chemical ingredients in their personal care and cosmetics products every day. From shampoo to deodorant, perfume to moisturiser and everything in between.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and much of what goes on it, goes in. Some of the chemicals found in everyday cosmetic products have been linked to cancer and others are known to disrupt normal hormone functions which can increase your risk of breast cancer.

Over the last 50 years the number of pesticides and synthetic chemicals has skyrocketed. Yet time and again long term environmental and health impacts are discovered long after they have been approved. Parabens, BPAs and Aluminum are all substances we now know we should avoid and yet products containing them are still widely available.

So what can you do to stay safe in the face of so much uncertainty?

  1. Trust in your body and its ability to care for itself. Use fewer more natural products – Organic coconut oil is a great all rounder, it has antibacterial qualities, can be used as a moisturiser and as an eye makeup remover.
  2. Avoid aerosols and sprays as these are easily inhaled.
  3. Avoid products with synthetic fragrances – choose essential oil based fragrances instead
  4. Switch to an aluminium free natural deodorant like Fit Pit: http://thegreenwoman.co.uk/shop/FitPit/FitPit-Woman

And finally – Go and read the ingredients on the back of the products you used today. Know what to look out for and what to avoid. Breast Cancer UK have a handy guide here: http://www.breastcanceruk.org.uk/reduce-your-risk/do-you-know-whats-in-your-cosmetics/what-to-look-out-for


FitPitSuzanne founded The Green Woman with her sister Eve in 2013 and created Fit Pit a 100% organic cream deodorant suitable for sensitive skin, teenagers, during pregnancy and homeopathic treatment. Find out more at http://www.thegreenwoman.co.uk

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