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01 Sep 2011 Massage and immunity

Once considered an indulgent luxury, massage is increasingly accepted as therapeutic on many levels. Massage can be a remedial, as well as a preventative treatment. Its therapeutic effect goes beyond releasing muscle tension. Last Thursday’s article was about Massage and stress. With stress being these days’...

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29 Aug 2011 Between treatments

Taking care of yourself between your treatments with Akana will maintain the effects of your sessions for longer and enhance the progressive effects of massage. Have you noticed a page on Akana’s website called Aftercare? Some of what I’ve listed there are products I use, others...

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25 Aug 2011 Massage and stress

In today's stumbling economy, many things are uncertain, while one commodity has a predictable future: stress. Which is why taking care of yourself becomes even more important. Stress can kill. It originally evolved from the fight or flight response, which activates our sympathetic nervous system and...

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22 Aug 2011 A good laugh

Today's guest, Cim Bartlett, Nia Dance Movement teacher and Sparkle Coach, talks about laughter. A good laugh is really good for your wellbeing and your health. Many research studies have been done to prove that. Not that we need those reports, we just know how good...

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11 Aug 2011 Posture!

Has this word crossed your path before? As a child, has anyone prompted you to sit up or stand up straight? The other day during your massage treatment, did we discuss hypotheses of where the pattern of tension in your back, neck or shoulders came...

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08 Aug 2011 Curious about hypnotherapy?

Anxious? Fed up with a phobia? Looking for something to help you stop smoking, lose weight? How about hypnotherapy? A brief overview by today's guest, José Penrose, DipCouns, DHypPsych. People are often curious or concerned about hypnotherapy and how it works. In fact, hypnotherapy is simply psychological...

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