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Fertility and Pregnancy

Acupuncture is popular in the area of fertility and conception. The British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) has issued fact sheets on how Acupuncture can help female fertility and male fertility. Studies suggest that it may help in terms of reducing stress, regulating the menstrual cycle, increasing blood circulation to the reproductive organs, alleviating various gynaecological conditions such as PCOS, increasing sperm count etc. Acupuncture can also be a valuable complement to IVF, during cycles and especially before and after embryo transfer.

We recommend Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) for all stages of reproduction. It has a key role in hormone circulation, can help regulate periods, alleviate PMS and reduce fluid retention. Its detoxifying, immune-balancing and relaxing effects help the body prepare for conception. A course of MLD sessions can be equally beneficial before or between IVF cycles. In her Guide to Assisted Fertility and Conception (p.427), London fertility expert Zita West mentions that some women may benefit from MLD as a holistic immune therapy, to address possible immune reactions to the developing embryo.

Some of our other treatments can also be beneficial, to reduce stress and tension and improve your general health. Ayurvedic Massage is soothing and detoxifying, and can help prepare your body for conception. You might also want to explore the benefits of Self Fertility Massage™ – a natural fertility therapy for women comprising techniques believed to support fertility.

If you are going through an IVF cycle, you can generally have massage with neutral oils up to the stage of embryo transfer. A favourite with our clients is Thai Foot Massage, based on reflexology for the feet and Thai Massage for the lower legs. It can be combined with classic back, shoulder and neck massage or the relaxing sequences of Natural ‘Face Lift’ Massage.

Men can also benefit from Akana treatments – from detox before conception to a simple back massage to relax at a stressful time. We’ll be happy to advise on the most suitable treatment.

We recommend that you try relaxation and positive visualisation to support your process. Circle + Bloom programs (available as straight forward downloads or CDs) are based on extensive research that shows the power of visualisation, along with the brain-body connection, can play a key role in health, including reproductive health. Don’t let stress get between you and parenthood. Relaxation and visualisation CDs are also available from Zita West’s online shop or via iTunes (search for ‘Zita West’). For simple general meditations visit our Aftercare page. If you feel you would benefit from one-to-one sessions, we can offer you the contact of a local hypnotherapist from our network.

If you practise Yoga, check out Brenda Strong’s 5 Best Yoga Positions to Aid Fertility.

Akana’s holistic approach means that we will tailor your treatment to your specific needs. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

In pregnancy, MLD can relieve swollen ankles, legs, wrists (carpal tunnel syndrome) and painful breasts. It can give the immune system a boost, help with relaxation and better sleep, and improve the chances for a quicker and less painful delivery with less need for intervention, through decongestion of the pelvic tissues. Read our article about Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) for pregnancy.

Considering that MLD is a very gentle skin technique, carried out with no oils or other massage mediums, it is a safe technique at times when some types of massage would be avoided. In uncomplicated pregnancies MLD can be employed until birth.

Note: MLD may not be employed when there are complications during pregnancy. Your therapist will ask you to confirm that you have been checked for pre-eclampsia.

Post-pregancy, Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) can offer hormone-balancing and immune-boosting, alleviate remaining fluid retention, help soothe backache in breastfeeding mothers, facilitate relaxation and better sleep, and reduce the impact of ‘baby blues’. It can also assist with scar healing after C-section.