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Click on an individual area to view individual prices and current package offers. Unless otherwise specified, sessions duration is approximately an hour.


Acupuncture consultation and first treatment (up to 90 minutes)  £63

Acupuncture follow-up  £53

add £15 to include a short massage where suitable (whole session lasts up to 90 minutes)

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Cosmetic Acupuncture consultation and ‘detox’ treatment (up to 90 minutes)  £63

Cosmetic Acupuncture facial (between 75 and 90 minutes)  £83


Cosmetic Acupuncture facial treatment packages (for weekly or bi-weekly treatment)

Rejuvenation (3 facials)  £226

Wrinkle Reduction (6 facials)  £436

Optimum Results (10 facials)  £706

Special (monthly/bi-monthly) maintenance deals after a package!

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)  £53

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) for vaser lipo aftercare*  £58


Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) treatment packages

Decongestant (3 treatments over two weeks)  £143

Annual Detox (6 treatments over one month)  £273

Fertility Detox (6 treatments over one month)  £273
(for natural conception or pre/post IVF)

Post-Lipo* (6 treatments)  £318

*Since post-lipo MLD treatment is more intense and should be carried out as soon as possible after your procedure, we will do our best to accommodate you – therapist availability permitting.


Specific treatments with 100% Organic Balm Balm

Classic Massage tailored to specific areas, e.g. upper body  £58

Natural ‘Face Lift’ Massage  £58

Thai Foot Massage  £58

Combined Treatments  £58
part of the above combined, add £15 to make it an extended session (approx 90 minutes)


Full body treatments (approx 90 minutes)

Classic Massage with 100% Organic Balm Balm  £73

Thai Yoga Massage on the table  £73


Premium massage treatments (approx 90 minutes)
with the added benefits of warm herb-infused oils or steamed herb poultices

In some cases, to work on a particuar issue that requires a treatment plan different form the above, we may be able to tailor a treatment package for you.

Discounted package appointments can only be offered during clinic hours. We advise that you book all sessions from a package in advance to make sure your therapist is available. For further details refer to our Terms and Conditions.

If you require an emergency appointment or for any reason can only see us outside our clinic hours shown on our Contact page, we will do our best to accommodate (availability permitting), however an out-of-hours surcharge will apply. This surcharge may be 25% of your treatment price if your therapist already is in clinic that day and arranges to see you before or after hours, or 50% if your therapist has to travel to clinic for your appointment.