Akana Holistic Therapies | Relaxation and Pampering
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Relaxation and Pampering

All treatments on Akana’s menu have the potential to relax body and mind. Your practitioner will seek to understand your requirements, help you choose and tailor to your needs.

Many of Akana’s treatments can be combined. Thai treatments – Thai Yoga Massage and Thai Foot Massage – go together wonderfully. It’s amazing how a whole-body effect can be achieved by combining elements of Natural ‘Face Lift’ with Thai Foot Massage – one of our favourites! A head massage can be added to virtually any treatment.

At Akana, we don’t do one-size-fits-all. Even choreographed treatments can be individualised. We believe that a treatment tailored to client requirements and preferences is therapeutically the most beneficial. This is why two Acupuncture treatments are never identical. Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) and Massage feel good. We believe that the feel-good factor is essential to enabling your body to heal itself. There is gain when there’s no pain. We don’t believe in the deep tissue myth. Your Akana therapist would only press on a spot of tension when they believe it’s beneficial for the treatment (e.g. trigger point work), and only within your range of comfort.

Most of us get stressed at some point. It’s inevitable. And it’s bad for us. Read our article about Massage and stress. Refer to the Acupuncture for stress fact sheet on the British Acupuncture Council website. When we get physically, emotionally and mentally stressed, our body responds with tension and stagnation. We need to relax that tension and re-instate flow before it leads to disease. Prevention is ideal, because when you’re relaxed enough to begin with, stress doesn’t get to you as much. But don’t beat yourself up over it if you’ve let stress get to you – it can be treated. Relaxation is the antidote. Relax with an Akana treatment!