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02 Feb 2012 Dealing with stress

Tomorrow, 03 February 2012 was marked Stress Down Day by the Samaritans, with the aim to raise awareness about stress and help us take better care of ourselves. Then, Stress Down Day was changed to Feel Good Friday. Have a great one! On dealing with stress,...

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08 Aug 2011 Curious about hypnotherapy?

Anxious? Fed up with a phobia? Looking for something to help you stop smoking, lose weight? How about hypnotherapy? A brief overview by today's guest, José Penrose, DipCouns, DHypPsych. People are often curious or concerned about hypnotherapy and how it works. In fact, hypnotherapy is simply psychological...

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14 Jul 2011 New Addition

I'm excited about Akana's new addition: Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD). The idea to train in this technique was sparked while I volunteered at the Fountain Centre, where it was one of the most highly regarded complementary treatments. I was lucky to meet some inspiring people to...

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