Akana Holistic Therapies | Ayurvedic Massage
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Ayurvedic Massage

I am recommending Akana to all my friends. I had a package of three amazing Ayurvedic treatments from Astrid over the past few weeks. Extremely relaxing and rejuvenating! I felt completely refreshed afterwards.

~ Namrita, Akana client

Expect to be coated with a generous amount of herb-infused oils during an Ayurvedic Massage treatment. Abhyanga, Ayurveda’s signature full-body massage, begins with a seated head massage and continues with work on the rest of the body while the client lies on the massage couch. The warm oil is particularly soothing.

Ayurvedic Massage is a treatment used in Ayurvedic medicine (alongside herbal remedies, nutrition, lifestyle advice and detoxification) which has been practised in India for over 5,000 years. Ayurveda in Sanskrit means ‘science of life’ and holds that each human possesses an unique combination of three basic energies called Doshas: Vata (air and space), Pitta (fire and water) and Kapha (water and earth). Dosha in Sanskrit means ‘that which is quick to go out of balance’. According to Ayurvedic medicine, we remain healthy when our Doshas are in balance. Although Ayurveda can be used to alleviate conditions, it is founded on the principle of preventing disorders rather than waiting for problems to manifest themselves. Therapists use traditional massage techniques, working along Marma points (Indian pressure points), and specific Ayurvedic massage oils chosen to suit the patients Doshic constitution.

Regular massage has been used for centuries in India for maintaining good health. Abhyanga promotes healing and restoration by eliminating toxins from the body so that rejuvenating energies may flow more freely.

My experience of Ayurvedic massage with Akana is that it is the most amazing treatment both physically and emotionally. Astrid creates a lovely environment for a treatment which involves the whole body from head to toe. She takes her time working on both muscles and joints, relieving stiffness and tension, particularly in my lower back and shoulders and neck. I find the warm oil and long strokes used both soothing and relaxing. I sleep very well and feel relaxed and very calm, even at the most stressfull times. As a result my posture is improved, it is great for my skin and hair both look brighter and feels softer. I feel well balanced, stronger and more focused. I have this treatment regularly as I feel it is therapeutic - it leaves me feeling great on many levels, and preventative - the physical and emotional balance it brings helps avoid problems.

~ Mary, Akana client