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Biodynamic Massage

I found biodynamic massage healing on both a physical and an emotional level. Astrid discussed the process with me at the beginning of each session, looking at what I needed. At times I felt powerful emotions as she worked. This awareness helped me to look at how I might change things or express my feelings in order to take better care of myself. A very positive experience.

~ Jennifer, Akana client

Biodynamic massage is a therapy where no two treatments are ever the same. Each treatment is specifically designed to meet the client’s needs at that time. On some occasions, therefore, the therapist will provide a gentle, flowing massage; on others, the massage movements will be deeper and more penetrating; and on others the therapist will combine the two. There are touches, stretches, energy work, polarity etc.

Biodynamic massage is a holistic, integrative form of massage, developed by Gerda Boyesen, a Norwegian physiotherapist and clinical psychologist. Its principle is to restore the free flow of energy in the body and help the body to self-regulate. It builds on the belief that our bodies hold everything that we are and we experience, emotionally, mentally and health-wise. Therapists are trained in a multitude of techniques and a variety of strokes, to respond appropriately to both the emotional and physical dynamics in the body, and with this can help make sense of both the physical and psychological aspects. They may use a stethoscope for listening to the psychoperistalsis (tummy rumblings), for feedback on the client’s internal state. A trial period of a number of sessions might be suggested, after which progress is discussed.

Biodynamic massage is particularly recommended for treating conditions which are thought to have a mind–body connection. Possible benefits are:

  • Increased relaxation, improved circulation and immune functioning, increased energy levels, well-being;
  • Relief from chronic symptoms (headaches, hypertension, pain, digestive problems, skin complaints, anxiety and insomnia, depression);
  • Suited for work with psychosomatic symptoms;
  • Encourages breathing patterns and increased body awareness;
  • Can complement medical and alternative therapies and work as an adjunct to psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.

Note: at this moment, Akana does not offer Biodynamic Massage treatments, however some of its guidance and principles are incorporated in how we carry out our treatments.