Akana Holistic Therapies | Natural ‘Face Lift’ Massage
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Natural ‘Face Lift’ Massage

I hadn't realised how much tension I'd been holding in my face muscles until I felt how easily they moved after the treatment.

~ Patricia

Natural ‘Face Lift’ Massage is a special combination of massage techniques, including the Japanese Anma and the Indian Ayurveda, refined in the West over time. Acupressure is applied alongside with massage, to maximise the overall benefits.

Oriental medicine gives equal importance to physical, psychological and spiritual health, and beauty is believed to arise naturally if these three factors are in harmony. Natural ‘Face Lift’ Massage helps prolong this natural, true health and beauty and prevent disease.

In order to see a noticeable difference, clients might require a course of treatments, supported by lifestyle changes where needed. The effects can be maintained by regular maintenance treatments and facial exercises. The effectiveness of any Face Lift Massage may depend on factors like: age and elasticity of the skin, general systemic function, circulation and lymphatic function, lifestyle, hydration, medication, sleep, exposure to UV light and weather.

Benefits include: releasing tension, invigorating, stretching and toning of the skin, and general relaxation. Natural ‘Face Lift’ Massage is excellent for those who carry tension in their upper body, as the muscles of the shoulders, neck and head are massaged before the face. It is ideal for those who would like a pampering massage without disrobing.

Did you know?

Manual Lymph Drainage of the face is another effective Natural ‘Face Lift’.

Fragments of Natural ‘Face Lift’ Massage can be added as a relaxing finale to a Classic Massage session. Another, very popular combination is Natural ‘Face Lift’ with Thai Foot Massage – for a top to toe treatment!

My face looked smooth, and for the first time my racing thoughts have stopped. I finally found what I was looking for.

~ Dagmara